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“My goal is to help people - no matter their age or health status - live a happy and healthy life.  Through tailored gentle education and integrative health practices my wish is for everybody to live life to their fullest potential.”

Hi lovelies, I’m Summer, an Integrative Health Practitioner, Midwife, and wholefoods, wellness loving woman.


I began my journey over a decade ago by completing a Diploma in Natural Medicine which led me to undertake a Bachelor of Health Science/Midwifery. After working several years as a midwife I decided it was time to evolve my practice further. This led me to discover the Neurological Integration System. For me this has been life changing both professionally and personally. Having an evidence based mind I needed the tangible proof that this system worked. After receiving only a few treatments myself I noticed both subtle and substantial improvements to my health. Beginning my postgraduate training in early 2017 has led me to help many others achieve health they never dreamed of. I’m thrilled to have attended the Masters Seminar on the Gold Coast held September 2018 where Doctor Phillips presents his latest research. In 2019 I completed my Health Coaching Certificate through PreKure which allows me to further guide you on your health journey. 


I live in the beautiful East Coast town of Tairua, New Zealand. Here my incredible fiance and I share a happy life with our son and pup. surrounded by good friends and family. I like to fill my time with exercise, cooking, creating, long beach days, river hangs and frequent trips around New Zealand and abroad.  

I love my life and am so grateful to have gained this knowledge to share with you all. It’s truly amazing to be able to help people but even more amazing to see their potential unlock once they too possess the knowledge for wellness.


I wish you all the best in your journey to health.



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