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How are complaints viewed with NIS?

The way your complaint is viewed by NIS is quite different to other health care options. Most options are in some way or another only treating your symptoms and providing you with symptomatic relief. NIS addresses the real underlying causes to provide long term, sustainable results.

For example – asthma is a label indicating inflammation of the airways, causing respiratory difficulty. Rather than treat the inflammation itself which is a symptom only, NIS seeks to determine and address the issues that are causing the inflammation in the first place. The same principle applies for a myriad of complaints.

Who can be treated with NIS?

Everyone! From newborn babies to those in their golden years, because NIS is non-invasive and very gentle, everyone can benefit from receiving NIS treatment.  I am able to support those with terminal illness through to assisting athletes attain peak performance.


My consultations revolve around providing holistic care. I will consider your entire wellbeing and offer advice and treatment plans. Where necessary I can refer you to other information sources to further your knowledge.

A course of treatment usually requires three appointments, the first two will be 1-2 weeks apart and the third appointment is generally 3-4 weeks after that.  

The first appointment takes approximately 60 minutes, the second appointment approximately 30 - 40 minutes and the third appointment is fine tuning, so takes around 20 - 30 minutes.  All you need to do is book online, while treatments are best carried out in my clinic, I can also make house calls for those unable to travel. Please phone if this is the case.

What to expect from your first appointment

In an initial consultation I’ll spend time with you discussing historic and current health concerns with consideration to your neurological, physiological, emotional and pathological wellbeing. We will discuss your goals and what you wish for the future of your health. We will speak about what NIS is, how it works and what it can mean for your body. I will demonstrate muscle testing and commence the first round of treatment. As I’m treating you I will talk about the physiological changes each correction will have. At the end of your treatment I will provide an overview of what I’ve done and what you can expect. Knowledge will be shared on how you can support your body on your journey towards health. Phone and email communication is available during all business hours should you require any extra support. Sometimes herbal or nutritional medicine may be used in conjunction with NIS to help you on your road to health. I recommend only the highest grade herbs and supplements which are available to purchase. Please bring with you any supplements you are currently taking.

Subsequent Appointments 

During these consultations we will discuss how you have been feeling and what changes you have noticed in your body. Treatment will commence and we will discuss the new findings which will have differed from your previous treatment. We will discuss the physiological changes your body is going through. By the end of our third appointment you will possess the knowledge to help keep your body functioning well. Phone and email communication is available during all business hours should you require any extra support.


The lifecycle of a red blood cell is that of 120 days. As these cells perform many important tasks in our bodies I usually suggest quarterly (4 monthly) appointments to align with this cycle. This ensures your nervous system is functioning at an optimal level. This is not dissimilar to getting your car checked regularly for road worthiness.


We are often not aware our body is functioning at a suboptimal level as life is busy and we become distracted with the goings on. Regular, preventative consultations can preclude more serious complications from arising.

Please if you have a stressful event, international travel, become unwell or have trauma of any kind book in to see me prior to the 4 month mark as these events can leave the body susceptible to more significant illness.

After your appointment

You may feel extremely tired or even a little unwell after your first appointment. This indicates that change is occurring. The body can undergo a “healing crisis” which is a normal part of the healing process. This can last for up to a week. It is recommended you rest after your first appointment and potentially have someone available to drive you home if you feel unwell.  Increasing your water intake is vital as it will help flush your body. Occasionally people can feel really energized after their appointment followed by periods of feeling lethargic and down. This is a normal process.

Pricing Information

Initial Consultation $160

Subsequent $80

If you wish to book an appointment please email me at the link in the footer

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