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Sun Unblocked

I read an article a little while ago and it has stuck in my mind ever since. As a sun lover it made me buck my ideas up about what I was doing to my skin, both with sun exposure and the use of chemical laden sunscreen.

In New Zealand our rates of skin cancer are super alarming, however the effects of some sunblocks are also alarming.

Tailor skin care have summed it up perfectly I feel and take into consideration all aspects of being sun and sunblock smart. You can read all about it here.

I think it's also important to pause and think about what effect some sunblocks are having on our oceans. Tairua Health and Beauty sell a range of organic sunscreens which I have tried and know to be good. Both for your skin and our mates in the ocean. Grab your bottle here.

I hope everyone is having the best summer time and that you're all staying safe.

Sum x

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