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Ain't Life Beachy? A Nourishing Breakfast Bowl

This recipe is so easy and ultra nourishing. It’s perfect to put together before work or pack into a basket for a relaxed beach brekkie.

I love the contrast of the fresh white coconut yoghurt against the bright berries.

It is free of dairy, gluten, eggs, and nuts.

Coconut Bowl


200g coconut yoghurt

1/2c organic blueberries

1/2c diced organic strawberries

1/2c coconut chips

1tbsp organic goji berries

1tbsp organic sunflower seeds

1tbsp organic pumpkin seeds

Divide the coconut yoghurt between two bowls, sprinkle with the remaining ingredients and enjoy.

#recipe #coconut #nourish #bowl #organic #health #wellness #lifestyle #lifestylist #breakfast #brekkie #beach

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