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Winter-Proofing For The Whole Family

As we farewell summer and turn back our clocks it’s the perfect time to think about winter-proofing for you and your family.

Autumn is a great season to prepare your body for the colds, viral infections, bacterial infections and increases in asthma symptoms winter brings.

NIS is a practical step you can take to address any underlying pathology and ensure your immune system is in optimal working order ready for winter.

Everyone in the family will benefit. Treatment is not limited to just children and adults. Young kids can receive treatment too and I've become pretty inventive with ways to keep them entertained whilst working with

their nervous systems.

This could mean less down time for all, less time off school and work and more time to enjoy what winter has to offer.

As much as I love the warm weather, the cooler mornings make me feel a little excited about the seasons to come.

Sum x

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