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8 Week Challenge

Eight weeks ago I decided to take part in an eight week challenge our local women's fitness club were hosting. I was dubious because I don't really like team exercise but I thought what the heck, give it a go.

I've lost some weight (could've lost more but I had a few weeks of terrible eating in the middle, cheers night shift). But better than that I've gotten into the habit of regular exercise again which is so great AND I've grown some muscle.

My goal at the beginning was to be able to do full pushups by the end of the 8 weeks. At the beginning of the challenge I'd fall on my face trying to do them. Who knew they were so bloody hard? I thought yep, you can lift a reasonable amount of weight so your upper body strength isn't thaaaat bad. Wrong. Pushups are next level. I can't do many in a row but I can do them! Only way is up I figure.

Typically for me in the past I'd do cardio and lose weight, no muscle really. Gym, I'd grow muscle but just get bulky, with the challenge we've done a combo of HIIT and cardio. Seems to be the ultimate recipe for me.

Being stronger is awesome. F skinny, muscles are way cooler. I've admired the women who attend these fitness classes. They are strong, determined and supportive.

So for the cynics like me, give a challenge a go even if it does mean group exercise haha. New habits are formed, you'll become healthier and you'll get to meet some pretty inspiring people xx.

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