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What I Eat in A Week

Hi Guys

Thought I’d write this blog to share what a normal couple of weeks looks like for me and to help you with ideas.

For those of you omitting certain foods you can swap things out. For example, swap greek yoghurt for coconut yoghurt.

I’ve been pretty strict with my diet for a couple of weeks, have been exercising regularly and also taking liver support supplements (along with my usuals) and I feel so flipping good!!

I have been keeping an eye on calories because it’s interesting to me and because I wouldn’t mind losing some body fat. Portion sizes of anything other than vegs have been modest but I have not felt hungry at all. I use an app called Lose It which helps to calculate your requirements based on your age, height, weight, energy output and goals. I like this one because it has the brands I use already loaded. I haven’t eaten as many eggs as I usually do and surprisingly my skin is clearer (no bumpy upper arms aka keratosis pilaris) and I feel more energised. I’ll try adding a few more in and see how I go. It’s always a process figuring out what your body likes and doesn’t like isn’t it? I don’t eat that much red meat as I run better on white but still enjoy some every now and then.

How I keep on track is by being organised. Each week I print a menu planner and write at the top of each day what I’m doing. I work strange hours at times and also travel for work so I need to prepare nutritious food as eating takeaway convenience food is just not an option. I then write the grocery list and either order online or shop for the food if I am able. I prefer shopping for the food because I actually like to do it plus I can make the most of specials but can only do that if I have time.

Each Sunday I meal prep for the following week. This is relatively easy for me because I love to cook. Yesterday morning I finished a night shift, did the groceries, had coffee with my sister then went home and prepped before sleeping which will see me through to Thursday. It sounds a little insane but eating well is such a priority for me I make it happen.

I eat the same things often because it requires less effort to be honest. I can then spend more time on work and other things that require my attention.

I limit coffee to 2-3 per day and try to drink 2L of water per day. In the evenings I’ll often drink herbal tea to try and make up for no chocolate haha. It kind of works. Sorta. I haven’t been drinking alcohol of late because I was feeling tired and gross so I needed to reset. It’s only been hard once, on a Friday night when friends were drinking. It sucked. But the next day it didn’t suck and I was so pleased I stuck to it as I was able to exercise and feel awesome.

I cook with coconut oil or olive oil and use a bomb of herbs and spices to make dishes taste great.

Anyhow, here goes.

Monday (5k treadmill run)

B: Coffee with a splash of cream

L: Chicken salad, sauerkraut, lemon juice, olive oil

D: Chicken breast grilled, cabbage, gravy

Tuesday (5k treadmill run)

B: Greek probiotic yoghurt, threaded coconut, almonds, blueberries

L: Left overs

D: Chicken and slaw

Wednesday (5k treadmill run, squats)

B: Greek probiotic yoghurt, threaded coconut, almonds, blueberries

L: Chicken and salad with seeds

D: Chicken, broccoli with lemon and mustard, pumpkin

Thursday (HIIT 30 mins)

B: Coconut kefir yoghurt, threaded coconut, almonds, banana

L: Chicken and salad with seeds

D: Homemade vege and bacon soup

Friday (60min walk, upper body weight session)

B: Greek probiotic yoghurt, threaded coconut, almonds, blueberries

L: Snapper, kimchi, mandarin

D: Homemade vege and bacon soup

Saturday (30 min HIIT, lower body weight session)

B: Poached eggs on GF toast tomatoes, tuna

L: Coffee with a splash of cream

D: Sashimi with wasabi

Sunday (rest)

B: Coconut kefir yoghurt, banana, seeds

L: Tuna and salad

D: Roast lamb and cabbage with gravy

On the menu next week

Breakfasts – yoghurt, seeds and nuts

Lunches – either salad or left overs

Dinners as follows

Monday (HIIT 30 min)

Chicken crock pot with veges

Tuesday (HIIT 30 min, 2k treadmill run)

Turkish chicken

Wednesday (5k treadmill run, upper body weight session)

Some sort of salad as I’m away

Thursday (5K treadmill run)

Beef rogan josh crock pot and cauli rice

Friday (HIIT 30 min, lower body weight session)

Chicken and slaw

Saturday (HIIT 30 min, walk)


Sunday (rest)

Jamaican pulled pork and salad

Hope that helps you guys. Flick me a message if you’d like more information.

New recipes are on the agenda for early next month. Will post as soon as I can xx

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