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Collagen Smoothie

I am into collagen in a big way. It's great for gut health, skin health, bone health and joints PLUS it makes your hair and nails grow. I’ve tried a few different brands, especially the well advertised ones and I reckon there isn’t a lot of difference in them efficacy wise.

At the moment I’m using Two Islands Marine Collagen which I think is a good product and is well priced.

The powder is unflavoured so perfect for smoothies or even in your morning coffee. You can't taste it at all.

That’s big coming from me - some supplements I sell I warn people about the taste. Terrible for sales but I’d rather be honest than have someone spend money on a product and it look pretty in their pantry rather than work in their body. That’s just me though, super sensitive to taste and smells. Other people don’t mind one bit. So for the less sensitive among us this product will be a breeze.

This is a basic smoothie recipe so feel free to add whatever you like. Some like it not so sweet, some like it a bit sweeter, some have their fave additions, I have mine pretty bog standard. I rarely add protein powder because I’d rather eat my protein than drink it, but sometimes I feel like I need the added boost.


½ banana

⅓ C frozen berries or ice

⅓ C yoghurt (either coconut or greek)

2 scoops of collagen

Handful of spinach

2 Tbsp bestow oil (optional)

1 C of liquid you can use any you like but I mix it up between coconut milk, almond milk, coconut water or plain water. If it’s too thick just add more

Sometimes I add spirulina powder - it smells like fish powder but you can’t taste it

Optional extras would be LSA, chia seeds, pea protein powder, cinnamon, honey, celery, basically anything you like!

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