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Why Health Coaching?

I became interested in health coaching after hearing of the company PreKure. I knew about some of the founders and am well read in their books on low carb healthy fat lifestyle, sports performance and fasting. I had reaped the benefits of adopting this lifestyle and had also got many of my friends and family into it too. I respect their evidential approach and how progressive they are within the industry. PreKure collaborates with and teaches health professionals to really elicit change and make a difference beginning with lifestyle medicine. Prevention being the cure.

I believe this to not only be best practice but that it is a matter of critical importance moving forward. If we remain on our current trajectory, we are in severe danger of having a health care system (or as it currently stands - a sickness care system) that will absolutely not meet the demand of our ever growing, sick population.

We know that poor diet contributes to more disease and death globally than physical inactivity, smoking and alcohol combined so I was bursting to learn more about lifestyle medicine. I shared information I had learnt with my clients but I felt I really needed the formal qualification behind me.

“PreKure is a social enterprise which exists to inspire the medical profession to become more focused on disease prevention. PreKure’s vision is to make prescribing lifestyle medicine as easy as prescribing pills” (PreKure 2019)

With a vision like this and such a high calibre faculty I launched myself head first into their Health Coaching certificate. The PreKure Faculty is a team of internationally recognised health professionals, highly educated in the science and practice of lifestyle medicine. The team includes:

Professor of Public Health - Grant Schofield

GP - Dr Chris Reid

GP - Dr Glen Davies

Neuroscientist & Registered Psychologist - Dr Desiree Dickerson

Pharmacist and World expert on Diabetes management and reversal - Dr Catherine Crofts

Behaviour Change expert - Dr Louise Schofield

Registered Nurse - Sonya English

Epidemiologist - Dr Simon Thornley

Registered Dietitian - Dr Caryn Zinn.

This is something I absolutely needed to be a part of!!!

After a short 6 months, completing papers - behaviour as medicine, nutrition as medicine, fitness as medicine, mind body medicine, medications and navigating the healthcare system I received my certificate.

So…what is a health coach and why do we need them?

A health coach is a professional who supports people in making the critical lifestyle changes required to dramatically improve their wellbeing. A health coach possesses knowledge, practical tools and resources to help people achieve their health goals and to provide preventative medicine strategies. I use these tools both within my midwifery and NIS practice and can also provide more intensive, specific health coaching upon request.

I can’t wait to work with you all to lead happier, healthier, longer lives.

Sum x

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