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I was treated by Summer while I was on holiday, and on a 4 week break from any training. Upon returning to training, I ran a better pace and more comfortably over my regular course than I was running prior to my holiday.


I can only attribute it to my biomechanics being in better shape following my treatment. I have continued to move more freely and without the pain I had prior to treatment. And not only that – 10 days later I ran the best pace I've run in 3 years!

Frances Land (runner)

Summer makes you feel at ease the moment you meet her. She is an absolute gem of a lady. I have not felt so relaxed around someone so quickly. Thank you for being you and also helping me. I can't say enough about her or her work.


Lisa Burns

My seven year old was having a lot of emotional regulation issues, upset really easily, becoming overwhelmed and not wanting to go to school as it was all becoming too hard! After seeing Summer twice and now a few months later I have noticed a completely different girl! Summer picked up on imbalances that related exaclty to her symptoms so yay we have a happy well balanced little 7 year old back at home. Also I just have to praise that she still hasn't used her ashtma inhaler since she saw Summer 12 months ago for asthma. 


Sarah Walker

I developed a passion for trail running about six years ago.  I loved the grunty, up-hill-down-dale aspect of it and the way you put your whole body, mind and spirit into it. Into my 4th year of training and entering events, I developed a nagging pain in my hip which got progressively worse. I had to moderate my run frequency and distance and couldn’t run without taking painkiller medication.  I sought a variety of treatments, which helped ease symptoms, but sooner or later the pain would always come back. 


Eventually it became too painful to run at all.  Because of the hip issue, I developed terrible  outer knee pain on the same leg.  I had no choice but to stop running and let the passion go.  I really missed trail running - it was so great for my mental health and resilience as well as my fitness.


Last year, I sought treatment with Summer - initially for a different issue to do with hormonal imbalance. As well as rectifying that, she identified the issue in my hip and knee without me even mentioning it, and went on to address that too.  I have since had 4 treatments over a 4 month period with Summer, and during that time I have been able to return to trail running - PAIN FREE - and without fear of doing more damage to a compromised area of my body.  I have even participated in 2 half marathon trail events and had no issue whatsoever with my hip.


Not only has Summer healed a chronic, recurring injury with NIS - she’s given me a huge part of my life back.  My confidence in what my body is able to achieve has been restored.  Now I utilise NIS appointments with Summer as part of my training programme for both preparation and recovery.  I want to be able to keep trail running for the rest of my life, and having Summer’s effective NIS treatments in my toolbox seems like the most sustainable way forward in my health & fitness journey. 

Emma Darragh

I've noticed an improvement in many things that I wasn't even looking to have sorted out. I no longer get cold sores which I've suffered from most of my life, my lower back doesn't hurt every morning when I get up, I cope with stressful situations way better than I ever have done before, my attitude in general is a lot happier and the clarity of mind I experience now is fantastic - so much so that I decided to take on a Level 5 Diploma at 56 years old and am loving it.


I highly recommend getting NIS treatment from Summer, the benefits are numerous and often in ways you never expected. Thanks Summer, you've really made a difference to my existence x

Helin Muir

Highly recommend Summer. Have had great results for myself & family.

When I first made my appointment with Summer I wasn’t even really sure what NIS was!! But I figured I have nothing to lose and if there was a chance of improving health naturally I’d give it a go. 
I made appointments for myself & 3 children. Specifically my 1 year old who had gone completely backwards with her sleeping & had gone from sleeping through to being up every 2 hours a night (for the last four months)
Summer picked up issues with her sleeping & treated her. Before our next appointment 2 weeks later my daughter was sleeping through again.

Crystal Vano

After seeing Summer everything just worked better. Weightlifting movements were easier and I had better form. This meant that I could lift more, because I wasn't compensating for incorrect movement. I've been getting more from my training since seeing her. I would definitely recommend seeing Summer if you have any body or movement issues stopping you from training at your best.

Sarah Passov (weight lifter, crossfit)

My experience with Summer has been truly wonderful.

She is a lovely, caring and extremely professional practitioner.

After 13 years of dealing with chronic illness, surgeries, and everything that this entails.

I have many ongoing issues and do not always feel comfortable with people.

Summer had me at ease instantly and I would recommend her in a heartbeat.


I have found this treatment to be significantly helpful...and in some areas, life-changing.

My sleep has improved beyond expectation.

I have noticed a remarkable difference in my energy levels and stamina.

My emotions and feelings of wellbeing have improved immensely.

And even some pain areas are much better.


I am always amazed at how interesting and accurate her findings are every time.

Even when I forget to mention something, It's always picked up in session.

Thank you Summer, this work is truly amazing, and so are you!

Tania Ray

I have been receiving treatment from Summer for about three months now since a serious endometriosis flare up after five months of increasingly worse pain. Within two treatments the pain and duration of pain associated with endo had reduced significantly. I had gone from 3 out of 4 weeks per month experiencing severe discomfort to having sporadic pain for 3-4 days tops! I can’t explain what this does for my motivation, happiness and outlook. It’s transformative. 


Besides this I’m sleeping better, my ability to take things in my stride has improved, work-related stress & anxiety has dropped dramatically, my mind feels clearer and I feel more in control of my life overall.

Summer’s gentle nature and informative style means I’ve understood the changes to my body as she has made them and I’ve learned masses about supporting my body with the nutrition it needs to perform as it’s meant to. 

Words can’t express how grateful I am for the quality of life that has been restored to me. We have a little way to go yet but in three short months NIS has improved my life beyond imagination.


Thank you Summer. Thank goodness you’ve brought this modality into our lives.

Helinor Stead

Couldn't be happier with my results after seeing Summer. After my first session, I felt much calmer within myself. I hadn't noticed how sensitive I had become or the never ending feeling of worry I carried around with me. My head is now clearer, my thoughts are not so jumbled, and my overall happiness has increased so much. 


Prior to seeing Summer I also had constant bowel and stomach issues which would often require medication and leave me feeling extremely unwell. Since my first session I havne't experienced any of this. 


Being with Summer is calming. There is no judgement about issues I felt embarrassment about. Couldn't recommend enough. 


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