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“My goal is to help people - no matter their age or health status - live a happy and healthy life.  Through tailored gentle education and integrative health practices my wish is for everybody to live life to their fullest potential.”

A health coach is a professional who supports people in making the critical lifestyle changes required to dramatically improve their wellbeing. A health coach possesses knowledge, practical tools and resources to help people achieve their health goals and to provide preventative medicine strategies. I use these tools both within my midwifery and NIS practice and can also provide more intensive, specific health coaching upon request.


We know that poor diet contributes to more disease and death globally than physical inactivity, smoking and alcohol combined so I endeavoured to learn more about lifestyle medicine. I completed my training through PreKure. 


“PreKure is a social enterprise which exists to inspire the medical profession to become more focused on disease prevention. PreKure’s vision is to make prescribing lifestyle medicine as easy as prescribing pills” (PreKure 2019)


With a vision like this and such a high calibre faculty I launched myself head first into their Health Coaching certificate. The PreKure Faculty is a team of internationally recognised health professionals, highly educated in the science and practice of lifestyle medicine. The team includes Professor of Public Health - Grant Schofield, GP - Dr Chris Reid, GP - Dr Glen Davies, Neuroscientist & Registered Psychologist - Dr Desiree Dickerson, Pharmacist and World expert on Diabetes management and reversal - Dr Catherine Crofts, Behaviour Change expert - Dr Louise Schofield, Registered Nurse - Sonya English, Epidemiologist - Dr Simon Thornley and Registered Dietitian - Dr Caryn Zinn.


This is something I am thrilled and excited to be a part of!!!

Yoga by the Ocean

I am so grateful to have gained this knowledge to share with you all. It’s truly amazing to be able to help people but even more amazing to see their potential unlock once they too possess the knowledge for wellness.


I wish you all the best in your journey to health.



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